Some models of threaded accessories
Some models of threaded accessories
Specifications by model
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  • Reducing bushings.
  • Nipples.
  • Plane nuts.
  • Nuts for free connectors.
  • Couplings.
  • Combined couplings.
  • Union and female-to-male elbows.
  • Union, branch and run tees.
  • Cross connectors.
  • Bolts for directional elements.
  • Retention valves.
  • Needle valves.
  • Stoppers.
  • NPT threads between 1/8" and 1 1/2".
  • Injected in polyamid 6-6, acetal resin or polypropylene of natural color.
  • Totally atoxic.
  • Work pressure up to 50 Kg/cm2.
  • Chemical resistance to hydrocarbons, solvents, non concentrated acids, etc.
  • Thermal resistance up to 100 °C.
  • Industrial installations for conduction of air, water, hydrocarbons or lubricants.
  • Agricultural installations for fumigation.
  • Domiciliary installations for conduction of drink water.
  • Medical installations for dialysis.