Flojet® electropump
Flojet® electropump
Specifications by model
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  • Electropump 2100-737 12 V CC.
  • Electropump 2100-232 220 V AC.
  • Permanent magnetic motor with coal of long life.
  • Diaphragm injected in Santoprene® (optionally in Viton®, specially developed for use with agrochemicals.
  • Entrance and exit with 3/8" NPT female threads.
  • Made in USA.
  • Industrial installations for cooling (e.g.: extrusion lines), lubrication (e.g.: conveyor belts), cleaning (e.g.: printed circuits), humidifying, coating, etc.
  • Agricultural installations for pulverization (e.g.: wax post-crop in fruits, protectives in grains and pesticides), irrigation for microsprinkling, etc.

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